Solid Surface


Being water resistant they are ideal for basins and work surfaces for the health sector. As solid surface material can be formed into limitless shapes, they can be used for furniture in airports and they are perfect to create counter tops. Where sanitation is of greatest importance, such as retail kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, playrooms, schools, public restrooms and workspaces Solid Surface tops can be fabricated and installed in almost any application with invisible seams. Solid Surface further reveals its flexibility and usability on integrated sinks and backsplashes by combining beauty, design, and practicality.

Solid Surface can be used for bars and reception counters, Solid Surface materials are ideal for creating counters as they are durable and can be formed in any shape, they also offer a big range of colours.

The hygiene, low maintenance and durability of solid surface make it an excellent choice when it comes to washrooms. Solid Surface is great to create a one surface for basins and change tables in shopping centres. It will give a beautiful look to the washroom and offers a clean surface for the customers.

Solid Surface tops are the ideal material for residential and commercial applications because of their beauty, durability, aesthetics, design flexibility, and colour choices. The solid surface tops are crafted from a unique blend of acrylic resins and natural materials, allowing the material to be cut, shaped and formed to fit a range of designs.

Our staff are highly trained to fabricate:

• Integrated Sinks
• Coved Splash Backs
• Custom Wall Panels
• Variety of Edges & Finishes

Solid surface makes the ideal material for bars, restaurant counters and tables. The wide range of colours and patterns can give the opportunity to designers and architects to create an extraordinary design for different areas in hospitality such as bars, reception desks, tables, washrooms, wall decorations.

Solid Surface materials are ideal for healthcare environments. The non-porous surface is the best choice of material used in operating room walls, showers, Vanity, etc. It provides safety, hygiene, durability and resistance. Its seamless finish eliminates cross contamination, prevents the growth of mould and with no cracks, eliminates trapped dirt, making it a clean and hygiene surface.

Solid Surface materials are ideal for retail display, cash& wrap counter, Product display counter, display furniture. Solid Surface is ideal to create eye catching design for wide range of retail use.

Some of the attributes that make solid surface a great choice in stone:

• It is the only truly hygienic bench top available in the world.
• All seams are totally invisible.
• If you happen to stain or scratch it, solid surface is the only stone on the market that is easily repairable by you the owner, with just a Scotch Brite pad.
• It is also the only stone that is “thermo formable”, (heated and bent),which amongst other things means you can forget about ever having the grout go moldy or crumble and come out because of spillage getting into the grout line at the back of your bench top.
• Solid surface is also the only bench top surface that has seamless sinks able to be fitted.
• The only manmade material that can be used outdoors, as it’s completely UV stable. Polyester based stones, are not suitable for outdoor use at all.
• Unlike polyester based engineered stone, acrylic filled solid surface will not burn.