We stand for variety and service. Reliability and quality are important to us.

Whether it’s a reception counter for an airport, dental surgery laboratory work surface or serving counter for bars and restaurants our design team will help you to turn your dream design into reality. We offer you free advice on choosing the right material for your project and help you through the completion of your job and free installation.

We service single-family homes and multi-unit construction working with home owners, architects, builders, and contractors. Our Kitchen showroom is the best source for distinctive kitchen cabinets, and kitchen accessories.

Our staff will meet your needs for kitchen, bath, home office or entertainment unit. Our mission is simple; we are dedicated to providing you with the most personalized customer service, unique and innovative designs taking into consideration lifestyle, location and budget.

Romax Joinery & Solid Surface serves a functional purpose, yet we also add a certain style and vitality to your kitchen. Each kitchen is designed differently, some are more traditional and some are very open, contemporary and modern.

Whether you are remodelling the whole kitchen or just replacing old kitchen cabinets, it’s important to pick a style that is practical, yet matches the mood and design of the kitchen, and by extension, your home. Customization allows you to get creative. Kitchens are becoming more high-tech and the cabinets should match that contemporary look and feel.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets is an individual decision, everyone is unique, and the cabinets should reflect your style, and the vision you have for your kitchen, both functionally and aesthetically.

Your kitchen is made especially for you, customised to meet your exact requirements.

With a new kitchen you can substantially change the layout as well as the look. The latest innovative products can be seamlessly integrated with new bench tops and the latest kitchen appliances. You can choose from our extensive range of bench tops, kitchen units, door and drawer designs, all of which we have in a wide range of colors and texture finishes.

Contact us via phone or email to get a free quote. Our cabinets are built on a per job basis specifically to fit the unique footprint of your home thereby maximizing storage and functionality.

If you would like to learn more, please call, email, or stop by our showroom in Lonsdale.